Ground delay on a plane full of angry bikers
    Gate wasn't open upon arrival and I was stuck on the tarmac in a plane full of angry bikers and drunk millenials.      
    Full Fright
    I took a one way Frontier flight from Denver to Miami a couple weeks ago to help my girlfriend drive back to Denver with her belongings so we could start our new life together. I can say now that everything is going wonderfully, but it had an inauspicious start to say the least.

    It became apparent at the beginning of this flight that we had a pretty unusual passenger list, at least half of the passengers were clearly members of a motorcycle club. I could tell by the copious amounts of Harley-Davidson gear. This included the passengers in my row (3 from the back) and the rows in front of and behind me, including the extremely nice older couple in the window and middle seats next to me, who charmingly seemed as if they had never flown before (I learned from them that the bikers were going on a cruise together. They also gave me some beef jerky, so they might be my favorite seatmates ever). The only exception were the three seats one row up and across the aisle, which were occupied by a couple of 20-something white girls who started pounding wine as soon as it was served (more on this later).

    So the flight was pretty uneventful until we landed in Miami, where after a curiously short taxi we were told that the gate we were supposed to pull up to was still occupied and we would have to sit for about 10 minutes. Minor groaning from the passengers, but overall not too bad.

    After about 15 minutes the pilot gets on the intercom to tell us that the plane at our gate was going it Islip, NY, and due to bad weather there, was delayed, and there was no time frame for when we would be able to deplane. This is the point where the tension level on the plane reached 10/10 and passengers began angrily asking out loud why we couldn't pull up to another gate, or why they couldn't at least move the other plane for now since they couldn't board it (solid questions). The general anger on the plane was increased due to the fact that the bikers were all heavy cigarette smokers, and were now working on at least 4 hours since their last smoke. In my seat, I just prayed nobody would open the hatch in a desperate attempt to get a puff in. 

    That's when the white girls one row up and across the aisle, by this time plastered on various reds and whites, decided to FACETIME THEIR FRIENDS AT FULL VOLUME. They're carrying on as loudly as possible, completely oblivious to the murderous stares they were receiving from the rest of the plane. 

    We sat on the tarmac for over an hour in this condition. Eventually passengers started petitioning the flight attendants for a free drink. LOL THIS IS FRONTIER THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE. We were offered complimentary cups of water upon deplaning (SO GENEROUS). When we finally pulled up to the gate and I was able to deplane, I saw the couple who were sitting behind the loud Facetimers chewing out the Pilot, which was a shame. I mean, he's already about to go on strike against this poor excuse for an airline, the last thing he needs is some guy yelling in his face about something he had no control over.

    As I left the Miami airport and fell into the arms of my beloved girlfriend (and future wife) I had the same thought I always have after a Frontier flight: "I should have just paid the extra fucking $20 to fly a real airline." 

    Harrison Lipschutz

    From:   Denver  
    To:   Miami
    Flight Date: 2/7/2018
Frontier Failures
 Air crew forced us to violate FAA’s on-board regulations! 


 Cheaper isn't always better. 


 I fly a fair amount (20+ times per year) and have been on almost all major US carriers, this one takes the cake as the worst! 

JK Roland

 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them 


 "I detect an accent. Do you understand English?" - Frontier staff... This is clearly discrimination!!