Once upon a time.... Actually on May 30th
    A long-term married couple made their way to the KCI (Kansas City) airport to catch a booked flight on Frontier Airlines. They where ultimately headed to EUG and had a lay-over in DEN. Looking forward to a family reunion and assured all of their information was correct, they headed to check in and pay the $20 for one checked bag. Once that was taken care of, they innocently headed to the gate to board their flight. Oh, the chaos that was waiting for them….
    Full Fright
    At the gate, the female agent made an announcement that all carryons were subject to an additional fee. However, the wife being secure in her printed out paperwork, new that they had packed according to the guidelines at the time of purchase. She boldly went up to the gate attendant to ask what was going on with this announcement, only to be told she needed to pay for her additional carryon. The wife pulled out her papers, printed on the day of booking, showing the baggage guidelines. She shows these to the lady, date apparent of booking and printing, secure in the fact that she had packed according to the standards provided. The lady-agent had no sympathy and gave the couple three options; pay, throw your luggage out or skip the flight. Irritated at the demeanor of the lady-agent and frustrated that regardless of purchase date, or print out verification, they were going to be charged additional fees. The wife bewailed herself at having resigned them to a Frontier flight only to get to the end destination a few hours earlier. Previous experience had shed light on Frontiers ways but she had dismissed this previous experience as in the past and had put faith that the airline had changed over the years. Silly wife didn’t read her reviews of Frontier before accepting that fate. Silly wife didn’t remember it was in fact because of Frontier, approx fifteen years ago, that a carryon bag with an extra change of clothes and toiletries was always needed to make the wife secure in her flights now. She had known better, but as in all fairytales slammed with reality, she didn’t listen to her instinct and was hit with reality. After paying the fees of $35 each bag to stow under the plane, the couple boarded the flight. They saw a distraught mother getting charged for her diaper bag and knew there was no sympathy in Frontier, no soul, no standards, just getting all and any money they could. The couple was entering into the devils tongue. After boarding the plane, the crew was courteous and assured the couple that they could just stow those bags they had paid for in the overhead bins since there was plenty of room with no one wanting to pay those $50 fee per carryon bag. After some conversation, the husband was able to explain (being the diplomatic person that he is) that regardless of documentation, if the couple followed those instructions there would be, per the lady-agent, additional fees at the layover destination of Denver. The staff relented and stored the baggage under the plane to hopefully be seen again far, far away in Oregon. As the couple took their seats, they were amazed at the leg room but dismayed at the filth that covered the obviously once well-serviced plane. The back of the seats in front of them needed to be wiped down with diaper wipes, magazines so dirty they were not to be touched and the dead bug in the window…. Well, poor little dead bug. A cup of ice was a dollar, a cup of water - don’t ask. They decided that since Frontier already received seventy dollars essentially blackmailed from them, why exactly would they be paying to enjoy a cup of water on a dirty plane? Once in Denver the couple had restored their hope for the remainder of their voyage and reflected over the years the trips they had taken, the sites they had seen, the surprises in store for them once they returned to their hometown. Once in Denver, they knew first, they needed coffee but on the way to the Caribou Coffee shop, they passed the Frontier help desk. The wife stopped, thinking it would be easier to take care of this now. She walked up to the desk and a smiling lady-agent presented herself. Again, the silly wife was not looking at previous experiences with lady-agents, she was only thinking this lady-agent could help rectify the injustice. The wife explained the dilemma, presented her paperwork and was horrified to realize the print-out showing the baggage fees was with the lady-agent at MCI. No! It couldn’t be. She asked the agent if she could look up the ticket on her email or if she could contact the agent at MCI or if she could do anything. This current agent-lady denied the ability to do anything. She looked at the wife as if she was crazy and finally said to the wife that all she could do was give her the customer service number. That was it, take it or leave it. At this point, the wife was realizing the Frontier employees like ultimatums – A LOT. The wife however forgets this immediately and plunges on. The wife said she would take the number and looked over to where her husband was coming from the coffee shop. The wife said offhandedly: “I obviously need to talk to someone who can help with Frontier f***ing us out of seventy dollars”. The lady-agent then said something not understood. The wife looked at the agent again, noted her look of disgust and said “Excuse me?”. This began an interesting communication between the two women, wife to lady-agent, lady-agent to wife. The lady-agent “Not only will I not provide you with the customer service number, I can make sure you don’t make your next flight.” Wife: “Excuse me?” she repeats Lady-agent: “I don’t appreciate being cussed at and I can make sure you don’t make the rest of your flight” Wife (eyes narrowing): “Really? You want to go there?” Lady-agent: “ You cussed at me. All I have to do is make a call and you won’t get on your next flight. I’ll make sure it stops here and then you won’t have your seventy dollars or a destination.” Wife: “Really? You think that? Make the call, but get this straight, you will know when I am cussing at you. Saying Frontier f***ed me out of seventy dollars, not you f***ed me out of seventy dollars and since I am sure there are recorders or cameras somewhere in this area, make sure you want to play that game.” Lady-agent: “Well there is no need to be cussing at all.” Wife: “I just lost seventy dollars, no one is helping me and I like to cuss. Just make sure you are well aware that I did not cuss at you. How about you give me the number and I can walk away and this will be over.” Lady-agent hands her a card: Wife: “I want my paperwork back too” Lady-agent: “You won’t get your money back and I can still make sure you don’t make your flight.” Wife: “Let me assure you, if you go there, that won’t be the end. You don’t get to just make threats. I want my paperwork.” Lady-agent: hands the paperwork to wife Wife: “Thank you, this has not been a pleasure speaking with you today and I hope your day is full of people just like me.” Lady-agent: “It hasn't been a pleasure speaking to you either.” The wife walked away and starts dialing the number. Frontier Airlines apparently has a customer service problem because the wait time is thirty-nine minutes. The wife hangs up. The husband takes her for a drink before the next leg of their journey on Frontier.
Frontier Failures
 The sexism and harassment was visceral and cruel by male agents. 


 They don't get anything right. 


 But Frontier has LIED, telling AMEX we flew all four segments which is an absolute lie! 


 This airline is an absolute joke, they nickel and dime you for everything, there is no customer service, and apparently the idea of a flight going as planned is impossible. With the arrival of United and Delta to our area never again will I fly with Frontier 


 This airline is awful. They nickel and dime you, they are rude and unorganized. I will never fly this airline again...EVER