Wrong move!
    I shouldn't have booked my flight with Frontier again after previous bad experiences with them. Now, I'm stuck waiting - again - and ignored by CS - again -.
    Full Fright
    *sigh* I am trying Frontier after a rather long absence. After they left me and 50 other passengers at the gate in SFO, I was kind of turned off and didn't fly them for over a year. (they blamed the pilot, TSA, the other gate agent - it was ridiculous) The note I got back from them basically blamed me (and the other 50 passengers) for not being at security early enough. During that same time, Delta was going up and down the security line pulling people to the front who were on a flight 5 minutes after ours but no sign of Frontier!! I'm guessing all the Delta passengers made it to their destination and are still loyal travelers. Oh, and then there was the time that they "couldn't" rebook me for 3 days out of Chicago when my flight was cancelled but I was able to book myself on a flight within 1 hour of original. Oh, and they hadn't actually bothered to notify me that my flight was actually cancelled. I didn't find out until I checked in. I pitied the non-frequent flyers who were just going to show up at the airport to check in. What do people who aren't experienced travelers do when they don't get any customer service or support? Today, I'm sitting at the airport while my flight to SFO is delayed and they are saying ATC - although for some reason, Frontier seems to be the only airline affected by this as all others are leaving on time. This is one thing, the worst part was the interaction with the gate agent who was about the rudest person ever. Ignored me for several seconds, then snidely said, we won't transfer you to another airline, but you are welcome to buy a ticket if you want. I then watched her as she proceeded to ignore others who came to her desk asking for help and clarification. This is it. No more Frontier. And now as they begin to charge for drinks, carry-ons, etc. What a crap organization. I used to have ascent status on Frontier and currently have Gold on United. They have lost this frequent flyer forever. Their horrible customer service, nickel and diming of the customers, and inconsistent service are not worth the frustration. Really wishing I'd paid the extra $100 on the United flight and actually been able to make my event that I will not miss because of Frontier.
Frontier Failures
 Good Luck not with us and probably not with the millions of parents and families who has a VERY SPECIAL PERSON and yes they are SPECIAL because they don't see this world as cruel as you do. 


 But Frontier has LIED, telling AMEX we flew all four segments which is an absolute lie! 


 Unacceptable...I will stick with Southwest Airlines from now on, and tell anyone else to do the same. the few bucks saved wasn't worth the inconvenience. 

Julius Caesar C

 I fly a fair amount (20+ times per year) and have been on almost all major US carriers, this one takes the cake as the worst! 

JK Roland

 Never again. Rude stewardesses, ignorant pilots, and nothing's free. The price isn't cheap enough for this.