My complaint to Frontier
    I recently had the displeasure of flying Frontier Airlines. It truly is a whole new animal, if that animal is the smiling wolf about to eat Little Red Riding Hood.
    Full Fright
    We flew to Las Vegas on 8/13 through United Airlines (with no issues with our flight, nor any cancellations, etc.). We returned to LaGuardia on 8/20 through FrontierAirlines. I arrived a little late to the airport in Las Vegas due to unforeseen circumstances, I was about 50 minutes prior to the flight departure, understanding this was a little short on the flight. I needed to check 2 bags, and was not able to print my boarding passes the night before, the system told me to “see an attendant”, as did the Kiosk in the airport. To my chagrin, there was a HUGE line at the ticketing agent. Much longer than ANY OTHER time I’ve flown on ANY AIRLINE in ANY AIRPORT. About 40 people waiting on line with only 2 agents issuing tickets. I will give them credit, they asked if anyone was on the 7AM flight, about 15 people raised their hands. We all were allowed to the front of the line. This was good. When I reached the ticketing agent, she informed me that “United used the first segment of my return flight”. She got on the phone for about 20 minutes and finally resolved the issue, handed me my tickets and told me “You probably won’t make your flight, and they won’t hold the plane for you”. She also told us that our bags WILL NOT make the flight either. We ran off through security and did actually make our flight (barely). When the plane took off, I looked at my boarding passes for the next flight they said STANDBY. STANDBY????? what the hell, I purchased these tickets in DECEMBER. YES . . . 9 MONTHS AGO and I’m on STANDBY???? This is how you treat your paying advance paying customers??? So I get to the gate in Denver to get my seat assignments, the gate agent asks me if I’m traveling with any children, I inform her yes, we have a 13 year old. She grumbles under her breath a bit and then informs me they need people to sit in the emergency exit rows. . . I tell her that’s fine. . . and she then tells me I will sit in one row, my wife in another and my son NOT in an emergency row somewhere else. When I ask why he can’t sit in an emergency row (he’s bigger than me) she looks at me like I have 9 heads and snaps almost angrily “HE HAS TO BE 15!”. Oh, gee sorry I didn’t know that. . .no need to be a bitch about it. So again, here I am, and advance purchase, sitting in 3 separate rows. Unacceptable. Now I have to PAY for entertainment on the flight??? WHAT THE HELL. It’s free on every other airline I’ve flown, yea I know DirecTV cost’s money . . . blah blah blah bs bs. At least you can let us watch the map for free!!! geez. but I have to buy direct TV to look at the flight status. That’s just wrong. The entertainment should not be a REVENUE STREAM. Looking around, NO ONE purchased DirecTV that I was able to see. Perhaps you should just charge an extra $1 for your flights to everyone and offer it for “free” you’ll probably get more funding that way than having to deal with the credit card fees, billing and people NOT BUYING in flight subscriptions. The flight attendant doing the announcements fumbled over her words so many times I lost count . . . and when the Captain spoke to the cabin, he acted like he was my best friend. I don’t want the captain to be my buddy, I want him to be professional and instill in me some peace of mind that he’ll get me to my destination safely. Being my buddy doesn’t show that, quite the contrary, like a mask hides an ugly face. When we arrived in LaGuardia, much to our surprise, our bags did make the flight! Good news, but shows that the ticketing agent had no idea what she was talking about. Top notch employees you have. I currently impressing upon everyone I know NOT TO FLY FRONTIER, unless you like being misinformed, yelled at, lied to, penny pinched and confused by the flight crew since they’re obviously hiding something.
Frontier Failures
 Cheaper isn't always better. 


 Depending on which rules they choose to enforce, you can never be assured that you will be granted access to their boarding process. 


 I fly a fair amount (20+ times per year) and have been on almost all major US carriers, this one takes the cake as the worst! 

JK Roland

 Worst Airline. Flights always delayed. Poor customer service. Delayed over 3 hours in Denver. I would never fly this Airline. Service has gone down hill over the past few years. 

furious passenger

 "I detect an accent. Do you understand English?" - Frontier staff... This is clearly discrimination!!