Wait,wait, wait, but you can't board!
    We were made to wait in line to get our boarding pass printed then we were denied boarding, by the SUPERVISOR, because it took them 15min to assist each customer!
    Full Fright
    If Someone paid me to fly frontier airlines, I wouldn't even take them up on that offer or gift ever! I flew frontier for the first time on Nov 6th from Dallas (DFW) airport to Cincinnati (CVG) via Denver. My return trip was nothing to write home about! My flight was to depart from CVG at 7.15am. I had checked in online the night before. The airline doesn't make provision for E-boarding pass where you can use it via your phone. I arrived at the counter at 6.25, 50 minutes before my departure time, hoping to print my boarding pass using the computer touch screens and head to the security. to my dismay! Frontier airlines did not have the computers that would allow you do self printing. You have to basically wait on the line to have a rep attend to you.There were about 30 passengers on the line, all waiting to print their boarding passes. Most of us had checked in online and paid for our bags online. What happened next was a shocker. First there were only 2 people on the staff attending to customers. One of them was a supervisor. The other was training some other lady. Both the supervisor and the other staff took approximately 15minutes per customer to assist them. By the time it came to 7am, there were still about 10 of us that were still in line. The supervisor looks up and tells us the plane is closed. Everyone flipped. Are you kidding me, we have been standing on the line for almost 40mins just to have you print our boarding passes. One customer said he had a meeting to attend and had to be in Arizona today. The supervisor was beyond rude. She was yelling at us, telling us we should have been there 45mins early, that it was company policy and that there was only 1 FLIGHT leaving from CVG each day. To have our flights rebooked for the next day we each had to pay $100. I told I was infact on the line prior to 45mins early, had checked in online the day before and only needed to print my passes. She said well if 50 customers all come in 45mins early then we cant help you. Emm..how about putting in an Electronic boarding pass, or maybe hire and train some professionals at your counter. Or maybe you can start by installing some self boarding print computers. The customer service agents were RUDE! HAD NO EMPATHY, INFACT THE SUPERVISOR LEFT US ALL THERE AND WALKED OUT! WHILE THIS AIRLINE IS CHEAP- WHICH IS HOW THEY GET CUSTOMERS, YOU END UP PAYING WAY MORE. MY GUESS IS THAT THEY HAD OVERBOOKED AND WERE LOOKING TO GET RID OF US. Oh, did I mention that one of the lady on the line told me she was here the day before, and that this same incident occurred causing her to miss her flight!
Frontier Failures


 The worst airline I've flown. 


 Cheaper isn't always better. 


 Worst Airline. Flights always delayed. Poor customer service. Delayed over 3 hours in Denver. I would never fly this Airline. Service has gone down hill over the past few years. 

furious passenger

 "I detect an accent. Do you understand English?" - Frontier staff... This is clearly discrimination!!