Improper maintenance
    We were anticipating an hour and a half flight.They told us not to use the bathrooms on the plane as we were because the water had frozen in the tanks and was improperly drained.
    Full Fright
    We all boarded the plane and in about a half hour later they had us all get off the plane because they said that they could not fly due to regulations with the bathrooms and that they have to be running correctly to fly. We found out when we got back on the plane that we were unable to use the bathroom anyway and this whole process took over an hour and a half and we missed our connecting flight by 20 minutes and they would not hold our plane. If they wouldn't have screwed around we would have been able to catch our flight on time.Now we will get home 24 hours later than expected.
Frontier Failures
 They don't get anything right. 


 Depending on which rules they choose to enforce, you can never be assured that you will be granted access to their boarding process. 


 I fly a fair amount (20+ times per year) and have been on almost all major US carriers, this one takes the cake as the worst! 

JK Roland

 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them 


 "I detect an accent. Do you understand English?" - Frontier staff... This is clearly discrimination!!