Okay, but be on time.
    Single handedly the worst flight I have ever had.
    Full Fright
    I arrived to the airport 1 1/2 hours before my flight, which has never been a problem at any other airport or airline. When I arrived at Trenton Airport in NJ all of the self serve kiosks were "out of service" and there was a 60 person line with only one available attendant at the counter. After waiting in line for 30 minutes and not moving everyone that was waiting in line for my flight was told we would not be allowed to board and would have to make other flight arrangements. So not only did we lose the first night at our destination, but they cancelled our returning flight and we had to argue with them on the phone to get put back on it. We then received $75 flight credits for our troubles, like that was enough? We lost the money on our first night of the hotel we were staying at and had to pay for another flight to go to our destination which ended up costing us $700, which apparently was only worth $75 each even though the fault was theirs. Not to mention the manager at the airport was very rude and unhelpful. No one directed us or the other passengers to the front of the line even though they knew people had not checked in and were waiting in line.
Frontier Failures
 But Frontier has LIED, telling AMEX we flew all four segments which is an absolute lie! 


 Unacceptable...I will stick with Southwest Airlines from now on, and tell anyone else to do the same. the few bucks saved wasn't worth the inconvenience. 

Julius Caesar C

 I fly a fair amount (20+ times per year) and have been on almost all major US carriers, this one takes the cake as the worst! 

JK Roland

 This airline is an absolute joke, they nickel and dime you for everything, there is no customer service, and apparently the idea of a flight going as planned is impossible. With the arrival of United and Delta to our area never again will I fly with Frontier 


 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them