I had paid a premium fee!! But the service is not!
    Used Google flight comparison tool to choose round trip flight for 2 to Cancun from IND. Tried many scenarios and the cheaper flights all had long (many hr) connections going one way or the other. Ended up choosing non-stop flight via Frontier flights 88/89 on 4/5 & 4/12. Google handed me off to Frontier website to make reservations. I had trouble getting through the site, as many "options" were not clear. Had particular problems with a page where I was to choose seating. It was unclear how to proceed, but the only option seemed to be to "upgrade" seating as other seats were all shown as full. I finally agreed to upgrade both seats, then had trouble checking out. Multiple problems involving calling customer service and such to finally get a valid reservation.
    Full Fright
    Arrived at airport on 4/5 and check-in went smoothly. At the gate, the time for boarding came and went, with no announcements. Departure time went to 2 hrs later; no explanations. The departure time then moved to 4+ hrs later; no explanations. People were confused and getting upset, and the only person staffing the gate had no explanations. At about the original time for departure, someone showed up at the gate who indicated we would be going out on time... but to Denver instead of Cancun!! Apparently the aircraft sitting at the gate was not technically cleared to operate internationally (or go over water...) and we needed a different aircraft. It was made clear that this was the ONLY alternative to the flight being cancelled entirely. (Why they could not fly the aircraft from Denver to Indy while we waited more comfortably at the gate was never volunteered.) This gate agent stated that it would only add a little over 2 hrs to our original schedule. (The math here seemed wrong at the time. I see since then reasons in their Carriage Contract for them to keep things within 4 -5 hrs delay just to cover themselves.) We waited for a (different) crew to arrive, boarded and flew to Denver. In Denver we switched aircraft and then flew on to Cancun... arriving a little over 5 hours after the scheduled time. I had paid a premium fee for non-stop service, and had been forced to upgrade even THAT service by the website telling me seats were not available at the Basic fee; but had been forcibly re-routed and delayed - due to the airlines not having appropriately qualified equipment available. The Frontier experience comes off as a little "bait and switch" oriented. Like the used car dealership that is really in the financing business... They sell everything as a-la-carte, but grab you with upgrade fees (why on earth is it $20 to pay a bag fee online vs. $25 per bag at the gate?), and then leave you with a sour-tasting customer experience on top of it.
Frontier Failures
 Cheaper isn't always better. 


 Depending on which rules they choose to enforce, you can never be assured that you will be granted access to their boarding process. 


 I fly a fair amount (20+ times per year) and have been on almost all major US carriers, this one takes the cake as the worst! 

JK Roland

 Worst Airline. Flights always delayed. Poor customer service. Delayed over 3 hours in Denver. I would never fly this Airline. Service has gone down hill over the past few years. 

furious passenger

 "I detect an accent. Do you understand English?" - Frontier staff... This is clearly discrimination!!