My baggage was booked, I was not!
    I've been a satisfied Frontier customer for about 10 years, tapering off my patronage after they dropped Boise and my family member moved from there. In all that time, pleasant flight crews and no lost baggage. However, I sense there's been a paradigm shift in the way Frontier treats its customers, and what I experienced and observed yesterday is consistent with so many complaints about this airline.
    Full Fright
    My booking included 2 passengers, rt ATL-SEA, partially paid for with ER miles. That's actually what prompted the trip use or lose notice for my ER miles. I paid for stretch seating an additional $30/apiece on each flight, or $120. The ATL-SEA piece was without incident. Upon return, I was able to log on and check in my fellow passenger, a grandson, but not myself. The notice said something about getting to the airport 3 hours in advance. (Supposedly to resolve whatever problem there was. I ran this error notice online and found many other Frontier passengers had had the same experience minor travel wrinkle.) We arrived about 3:15 hours prior to takeoff and joined the check-in line. It was a full 30 minutes before anyone showed up, and then only 2 agents to handle the now serpentine line at Frontiers sole Seattle service desk. Security was backed up, but we made it to the gate on time, whereupon I notice I've been given a boarding pass to DEN, but not to ATL. I check with the gate agent, the same person who, with his partner, had worked the front desk at check. Strangely, my luggage was checked through to ATL, but I was not. Just then a TSA agent walks up escorting 4 Frontier passengers who could not get through security. Why? Because the two check-in agents were now the 2 boarding gate agents. Any Frontier passenger who arrived after these two changed function were just SOL--but for a TSA agent willing to breach protocol and escort them to the boarding gate for processing. I told the TSA agent he was thoughtful to help out. Response: "The problem is, Frontier does this all the time. They close down their front desk, leaving passengers arriving afterwards no way to obtain documents to get through the security checkpoint." This was not his first trip on behalf of Frontier passengers. (Side note: these 4 were not the entire party. Other adults with small children were still waiting at security to get boarding passes from these 4 passengers.) This entourage was last to board for DEN. At DEN, everyone deplaned and split for their connections. The timing for SEA-DEN-ATL passengers is this: arrive DEN at 11:15, flight 422 for Atlanta departs 11:59. No time for shopping but doable. Grandson and I make a quick pit stop and get to gate A34. He presents his boarding pass and is boarded. I'm at the end of the line, she asks for my ticket, and I explain I asked for but was not given a boarding pass. I was instructed to obtain my boarding pass in DEN. She pulls up my information, realizes she cannot effect a resolution, then makes a phone call. I am now in the hands of whoever shows up. She then announces over the PA that all stand-by passengers may approach the podium, where all are awarded seats on this flight. Unbeknownst to me, she has also given away the stretch seat that I paid $30 to get, even though my boarding issue was being resolved. It was at this time I observed the most disgusting display of customer abuse ever in an airline context: two parties (a woman traveling alone and a family of 4) appear at the podium and present their boarding passes! They had been on the SEA-DEN flight same as me, and were just now reaching gate A34. The agent informed them that their seats had been reassigned to other passengers. When the woman (traveling alone) held up her boarding pass to emphasize she was to be seated, she was told, "Back away from the podium. You were supposed to be here 10 minutes prior to departure." Which was not possible because 10 minutes prior we were deplaning from SEA. In the most indifferent tone possible, they were all told to go see Customer Service. As a member of the flying public since the 70s, and as an ex-Delta employee (corporate), I've seen how other airlines handle incoming passengers issued connecting boarding passes who are late to their connection. NEVER have I observed their seats given away without at least an announcement over the PA system to locate them and perhaps warn their seats are in jeopardy. So let's count up the ironies. SEA 1. I was instructed to be at the gate within 3 hours of departure, at which time there were no gate agents. 2. My luggage was tagged through to ATL, but I was not given a boarding pass for ATL. 3. Frontier closed its front desk, eliminating the possibility of late arriving passengers to get through security. DEN 1. Without being issued a boarding pass, I was admitted on to the ATL connecting flight. 2. While resolving my boarding status, the seat for which premium dollars were paid was given to a stand-by passenger. 3. Frontier flight crews will move mountains to keep families seated together or in proximity once on the plane, but my grandson was boarded while my tentative status was resolved. 4. 5 passengers with ATL boarding passes issued in SEA presented their passes at DEN gate A34, but their seats had already been given away without the first, slightest attempt to locate them. So there I was, no boarding pass, watching 5 fellow passengers from SEA WITH boarding passes essentially get told to pound sand. Unlike the hapless 5 passengers, my flight plans ultimately held. The flight crews on Frontier have always been pleasant and that's saying something given the immaturity and rudeness they face on an ongoing basis. So I'm not sitting here all livid and ready to swear up and down Ill never fly Frontier again, but yesterday's observations will force me to pause before booking with them again. My ratings apply to ticketing and boarding staff...NOT flight crews.
Frontier Failures


 The worst airline I've flown. 


 ...we were short a stewardess for our flight and we had to wait for them to arrive from another city...Completely unacceptable. 


 I have never had a more infuriating, more frustrating, or more demoralizing experience traveling in my life! 


 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them