I was so sick when the flight reached our destination
    I would like to complain about a terrible flight experience I had on Saturday, 4/12. I was scheduled to fly out of Los Cabos at 7:25pm on 4/12 and the flight was eventually cancelled and a new flight was set up for 4/13 at 12:35pm. There was little to no communication about what was going on with the 7:25pm flight.
    Full Fright
    The announcements were given in an extremely heavy Spanish accent that most could not understand. What I could glean was there was some sort of "maintenance issue." Finally, at 10pm we were told that the flight was cancelled and rescheduled and Apple travel company would be busing us to a hotel and arranging for our accommodation. I actually thought it was nice of them to cover the accommodation, but what I did not like was the lack of communication, the long delay in relaying what was going on and I would have appreciated some food vouchers. Up until the time the flight was cancelled everyone was led on to believe that the flight would actually go out that night. The next day, the 12:35 flight was also delayed a couple hours with absolutely no communication about what was going on. Then they boarded us, and we sat on the runway for an hour before we were able to start to taxi. During that long wait, I was treated to hearing the flight attendants complaining about the original maintenance problem (which turned out to be a lack of oxygen tanks because they were used on the last flight), and the captain telling them that we may not be able to take off and will have to deboard the plane because of a mix up in paperwork and a "lack of communication" with the airport. I have to wonder what if any experience Frontier has flying into Mexico and what type of contingency plans exist when something runs out (like oxygen tanks)? I was also dismayed because of the inability to get any food with protein on the plane. Only one out of the three snack boxes had the protein related items in them (aptly named protein box) and they were sold out before I was able to order one despite the fact that I was seated at the front of the airplane (seat 4E because someone traded with me to be closer to their kids). When I saw on my ticket that food was available for purchase I erroneously thought there would be real food and not understocked "snack" packs. Very disappointing and I felt extremely ill by the time we got to Chicago due to low blood sugar. Of course, all of that would have been avoided if the flight had left on time. With having to stay close to the gate to figure out when/if the plane was boarding and hear the announcements I didn't dare leave to get food. I thought there would be food on the plane so I wasn't too concerned. We finally arrived in Chicago at about 7:30pm on Sunday night and then had to wait an hour at baggage claim to receive my bag. All in all, I thought the experience was terrible and wanted to submit a complaint. I had to pay for almost 24 hours of extra food (airport food at that), an extra day for a pet sitter, an extra day for airport parking and missed a day of work on Sunday. This was my second time in ten years using this airline, and I will never do so again.
Frontier Failures


 But Frontier has LIED, telling AMEX we flew all four segments which is an absolute lie! 


 ...we were short a stewardess for our flight and we had to wait for them to arrive from another city...Completely unacceptable. 


 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them 


 Never again. Rude stewardesses, ignorant pilots, and nothing's free. The price isn't cheap enough for this.