at least other airlines care for their passengers even if it cost a BIT more than Frontier
    I chose to fly with Frontier because of their low prices. I was not aware that this meant I was sacrificing any type of customer service.
    Full Fright
    I booked a flight from CVG, I had not received the online check in email and was not at a place where I had access to a printer so thought it would be easy enough to check in at the counter. This was incorrect, there was no kiosk and the line was quite long, with several people ahead of me checking bags. Although it was not mentioned in any of my emails, Frontier seems to have a strict policy that they will not check you in if your flight is 45 mins or less to boarding. Although we were all in line within this time frame, due to the slow movement, several of us were not at the counter 45 minutes before our flight. This was handled by one lady looking up at us and saying "no, they are cut off" and no more. We were all very confused and asked what was going on, we needed to check in, and she ignored us. There were 3 people at the counter and four in line, but they would not respond to us at all, just completely ignored us and would not explain what was going on, until a fourth attendant came up and asked how she could help. This is a frustrating experience no matter what, but to just be ignored like that was one of the rudest ways these staff members could have handled it. I do not plan to continue to fly with Frontier, even if does save me a few dollars, because people should not be treated that way.
Frontier Failures
 The sexism and harassment was visceral and cruel by male agents. 


 But Frontier has LIED, telling AMEX we flew all four segments which is an absolute lie! 


 Unacceptable...I will stick with Southwest Airlines from now on, and tell anyone else to do the same. the few bucks saved wasn't worth the inconvenience. 

Julius Caesar C

 This airline is an absolute joke, they nickel and dime you for everything, there is no customer service, and apparently the idea of a flight going as planned is impossible. With the arrival of United and Delta to our area never again will I fly with Frontier 


 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them