We felt so violated!
    We had booked with Frontier for a family vacation to Yellowstone National Park for our family of 5. The flights were supposed to go from Detroit to Denver to Bozeman, MT and vice versa. This story is hard to believe but true. We had both our outbound and return flights delayed or cancelled, luggage lost and kids diagnosed with dehydration after being in airport for over 24 hours. At Frontier's suggestion we were forced to book with another airline to get home from Bozeman MT or stay 4 more days. We've incurred significant costs.
    Full Fright
    On Monday July 7th, we had our outbound flight 625 from Detroit to Denver delayed due to mechanical problems and ended up being at 4 airports for over 24 hours straight because of missed connecting flights. The flight was supposed to leave at 7:10 pm on Monday to Denver and arrive in Bozeman at 11 pm mountain time. It ended up leaving Detroit at 2:45 am on Tuesday July 8th. We arrived in Denver at 3:45 am mountain time (5:45 am eastern time). We were then sent on a connecting flight to Seattle at 7 am. Frontier offered a hotel voucher which due to flight timing was not useable. Specifically, we got our luggage at 4:15 am, a shuttle to the hotel would have taken 20 minutes plus check in time of 15 minutes would have made it +/- 5 am. We needed to be back to airport by 5:45 am for the 7 am flight, meaning we would have arrived at hotel and been there for less than 1/2 hour. We finally arrived in Bozeman 2:45 PM Tuesday (4:45 PM eastern). We went to pick up our luggage and 2 of the 3 suitcases were lost. We finally left the airport at 3:30 pm (5:30 eastern), which was 24 hours after arriving at Detroit airport. One of our kids fainted at Bozeman airport and we ended up at urgent care immediately after the final flight. She was diagnosed with dehydration from being up over 32 hours straight with 24 hours straight at airports. She was told to rest and given medication. We were at urgent care for nearly two hours plus had to pick up medication from a pharmacy. It was 7:45 pm (9:45 pm eastern) before we reached our hotel in Gardiner, MT. We had been up over 36 hours straight. Our 11 year old son was in very poor condition due to exhaustion. This resulted in our family missing 2 days of our vacation at yellowstone park due to not arriving until a day later plus sickness and exhaustion. The sick kid missed four days of vacation. To make matters worse, our return flight on Wednesday July 16th was delayed leading to having to change reservations. The flight 344 scheduled for 6:30 am was delayed until 11 am due to pilot sickness. This resulted in us missing the connecting flight in Denver to Detroit. The Frontier staff at the Bozeman airport suggested calling Frontier's customer service 800# to try and get new reservations. The customer service person at Frontier determined that all flights were full and that the next flight open flight to get our family of 5 home was not until Sunday July 20. She told us that our options were to stay in Bozeman for 4 days or that Frontier would refund the flight and suggested we see if other airlines had available sooner flights. We checked with Delta who had a flight at 1 pm to Salt Lake City and another flight to Detroit arriving at 8:45 pm. This was 7 hours later than our planned arrival. The cost of the delta one way flight was $3230 plus baggage of $75 or $3,305. The refund from frontier was $1,135 plus $60 baggage or $1,195. The cost differential is $2,110. We compared the cost of staying 4 more days in Bozeman (assuming we could find a hotel). The approximate costs for a family of 5 is hotel $800, rental car $400, meals $750 plus miscellaneous costs of finding something to do such as movies, parks, etc. $250 or more than $2,200. This doesn't include my wife or I missing 2 days of work, extra cost to board our dog, and life disruption of missed meetings, camps, etc. We decided to pay the extra money to fly home, assuming Frontier would make things "right". Frontier has not returned phone calls and sent an email that has offered a $150 voucher per person x 5 = $750 on the next Frontier flight. These travel issues have marred a once in a lifetime family vacation, resulted in harm to our family due to exhaustion and dehydration, severe disruption to our family schedule and significant out of pocket costs (flight home, medical expenses), which will cause financial strain. I'm really in disbelief over this situation and how Frontier has handled. We feel violated and am researching ways to let others know this story.
Frontier Failures
 The sexism and harassment was visceral and cruel by male agents. 


 They don't get anything right. 


 Unacceptable...I will stick with Southwest Airlines from now on, and tell anyone else to do the same. the few bucks saved wasn't worth the inconvenience. 

Julius Caesar C

 This airline is an absolute joke, they nickel and dime you for everything, there is no customer service, and apparently the idea of a flight going as planned is impossible. With the arrival of United and Delta to our area never again will I fly with Frontier 


 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them