Excessively Rude Customer Service from Frontier
    My experience began as such: I took my husband to Denver International Airport for his flight home after the holidays on 2 January 2014. The airport was busy but not excessively so. We had two bags to check and my husband had a roller board and a backpack as his carry-on and personal item.
    Full Fright
    We noticed that Frontier seemed to be measuring everyone’s carry-on bags and so, once we reached the front of the line, my husband asked the ticket agent if she thought his carry-on would fit. She very rudely told him to “move” so she could go check it. She climbed over the baggage scale and took my husband and his suitcase over to the carry-on sizer, where she roughly put his bag onto the stand and told him there was “no way it would fit.” My husband was very taken aback by her unnecessarily rude behavior. We then removed a few items from the bag so it wouldn’t need to be expanded and would fit in the overhead compartment easily. We have traveled this route frequently before and these bags, even when they are expanded, have had no problems fitting into the overhead compartment. Other customers at the airport commented on the same thing – bags that don’t seem to fit into the sizer do fit in the overhead compartments with ease. While the ticket agent was finishing checking in my husband’s bags, she asked us what we planned to do about my husband’s carry-on, informing us it would be $75 to check it. We told her we removed some items to make it smaller. She then, very forcefully, told us that we “had better check the size of the bag again before going through security, because otherwise it will be $100 at the gate for the carry-on”. I was later informed by the Frontier Facebook representatives that this $100 charge was inaccurate. We, and my in-laws, were shocked by her rude and threatening manner, which brought me to tears once we left the counter. On January 6th, I sent a complaint concerning our treatment by the ticketing agent to Frontier’s customer service center via email. I also saw that Frontier encourages its customers to connect via Facebook. When I shared my experience there, I was disappointed by the response I received from the Facebook customer service representative. Rather than an apology for the agent’s actions, I received a tutorial on Frontier’s baggage fees: “Katie, I'm sorry for any difficulty you and your husband experienced with checking a bag. We do have our size and weight limitations on our website for checked bags. The (sic) must be under 50 pounds or the $75.00 oversized fee would be charged. Depending on the fare type you may have a carry-on fee as well. Basic 3rd party tickets do not include a free carry-on so you would need to pay the fee prior to the gate. Showing up at the gate with a carry-on and not having already paid would be $100. with a Basic ticket. You can view our baggage fees at the following link. http://spr.ly/6189dqPW ^BZ”. While I will admit I am very frustrated by Frontier’s recent changes to their baggage policy, we were well aware of the fees in advance of arriving at the airport and were disappointed that the Facebook representative failed to address the real issue – the rude treatment from the ticket agent. When I responded again with my disappointment in Frontier’s lack of concern for the treatment of their customers and instead their focus on their fees, I received this reply: “Katie, I am sorry for the service you received. What city was this in so we can forward your comments. With Economy fares you would need to pay for a checked bag. The fee at the ticket counter would be 25 for the first and 30 for the second. If you were being charged and additional 75 that would be overweight. If your carry would not fit in the sizer then you would be charged to oversized fee of 25 and have to check it. It all can be confusing.^BZ”. Once again, I felt the focus was not on the poor customer service, but rather an explanation of the fees, which we contradictory to what the ticketing agent had told us at the airport. At this point, another customer joined the conversation, adding “Honestly not very surprising that they respond to your post with more explanation of fees. I am curious at what point Frontier Airlines will start charging you for the cup they put your 'free' water in. If you want good customer service, fly Southwest Airlines!”, thus confirming that I was not the only customer disturbed by their response. Despite a second customer’s comments on this thread (“Frontier Airlines is a horrible airline! The only reason most people fly it is because it's cheaper. People need to look around more often though because DELTA one of my personal favorites has been cheaper lately. I'm sorry this happened to you Katie! And I would report them. If there is away to report them to the BBB I would. I'm not sure what they can do but you have all these comments of how much they obviously don't care. I'm so sad that this happened where I work if we were rude to the customers we would get fired right on the spot!”), the Frontier Facebook customer service agent responded a third time with an explanation of the baggage fees. Still, there was barely any recognition of my true complaint – the fact that I was treated in an unnecessarily rude manner at the gate and, when brought to the attention of the customer service department, my concerns still weren’t addressed. A short glance at your Facebook wall shows an astounding number of people complaining about the poor customer service that they’ve received (“This is the last flight I will ever take a flight using Frontier Airlines…Frontier Airlines holds no standards for how travelers should be treated.” “Must say I am glad I am not the only who has had issues with frontier…the poor customer service by the gate agents…I will not be flying Frontier anywhere again.” “Frontier Airlines! I cannot believe that you are so unfriendly to your customers!” – these are just some of the most recent posts on your Facebook page).
Frontier Failures
 They don't get anything right. 


 The worst airline I've flown. 


 I fly a fair amount (20+ times per year) and have been on almost all major US carriers, this one takes the cake as the worst! 

JK Roland

 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them 


 "I detect an accent. Do you understand English?" - Frontier staff... This is clearly discrimination!!