Our group agreed not to fly Frontier again
    Check in was slow and unfriendly. My seat on the way to my destination was slouched to the right and the cushion was worn below the frame so I had two hours of metal frame for a seat. The story goes on...
    Full Fright
    Costs for drinks are what they are, but the crew could offer the complimentary cup of water or the charge for bottled. Also if you have to delay a flight 2.5 hours and not update the flight information on the boards I highly suggest you use the intercom when calling to finally board. I appreciate that I was nearly left behind after being told that You were being screamed at to close the doors yet could not properly inform passengers that the plane planning to leave. But here is my favorite part about Frontier Airlines, I incurred a baggage fee for my personal carry on that was not large enough to have to stow above when I paid in advance online for only the bag I was checking to go under the plane. Lastly, thank you for eliminating one more option when I decide to fly. I will never fly Frontier Airlines again and the other 3 people in my group agree!
Frontier Failures
 Good Luck not with us and probably not with the millions of parents and families who has a VERY SPECIAL PERSON and yes they are SPECIAL because they don't see this world as cruel as you do. 


 But Frontier has LIED, telling AMEX we flew all four segments which is an absolute lie! 


 The worst airline I've flown. 


 I have never had a more infuriating, more frustrating, or more demoralizing experience traveling in my life! 


 Never again. Rude stewardesses, ignorant pilots, and nothing's free. The price isn't cheap enough for this.