Costs of services and changes
    Frontier Airlines has established policies that make a traveler feel like they are a piece of luggage rather than a passenger.
    Full Fright
    1. Unless you are an honored guest of flyfrontier.com, a drink of water will cost you $2 (I can drive my car over 500 miles based on the equivalent price per gallon of fuel). 2. If you are late in arriving at a gate and had an unqualified carry-on (which they love to lead people to their sizing unit and discuss for everyone to see), they will charge you $100 to have it checked at the gate (which in my case was more that the value of the luggage and its contents at the time), or RUN down to ticketing to have it checked for another $20 and then return to through another long TSA screening. 3. These inconveniences were bad enough, but when a family emergency came up and there was a strong desire to get home more quickly, there was going to be a $165 per seat change fee on top of an additional air fare charge because we booked the original tickets through a third party. This would have more than doubled the original ticket prices to change only one side of the journey. 4. Then, during the flight they tried to get me to sign up for a Mastercard (having an annual fee) in order to earn miles for free flights, in theory with no black out dates. However, having been down that road before with them, I knew that they probably have a very limited number of seats available for any given route, so those miles are probably not very useful - but they'll have your annual fee for the credit card anyway. Considering that I drove an extra 75 miles each way to fly with Frontier (did I say they dropped Dayton, Ohio?) to get a better fare, this experience has driven me away from Frontier rather than encouraging me with their slogan to join flyfrontier.com for better perks and better fares.
Frontier Failures
 The sexism and harassment was visceral and cruel by male agents. 


 Air crew forced us to violate FAA’s on-board regulations! 


 Cheaper isn't always better. 


 I fly a fair amount (20+ times per year) and have been on almost all major US carriers, this one takes the cake as the worst! 

JK Roland

 This airline is an absolute joke, they nickel and dime you for everything, there is no customer service, and apparently the idea of a flight going as planned is impossible. With the arrival of United and Delta to our area never again will I fly with Frontier