Airlines should be prepared for the summer too
    My group of 4 adults and 4 children had to split up into two flight to be able to get to our destination after a day of vacation wasted due to some technical/mechanical thing in the plane. Supervisors were no help at all to the two staff assisting 130+ passengers.
    Full Fright
    On Wednesday June 26th, my family of 4 adults and 4 children were scheduled to depart Seattle for Cleveland to attend a family wedding. As we sat on the plane, it was announced that we were having mechanical issues and a part would be flown in from Denver. We were told to get off the plane and leave our luggage onboard to re-plane once the part was installed. As we had a lengthy layover in Denver, I didn't think that would be a problem. My mistake! The delay grew longer and passengers were told they needed to re-book their connecting flights. As I had chatted with the gate agent Estafania earlier in the morning, she was eager to help. Her customer service was top notch and if I was only rating her, she would get a "five star"!! I was one of the first helped and she worked for over 3 hours, with me standing with her at the customer service counter to re-book my families flights. The problem was that there were 132 passengers to re-route and only two gate agents to help. They had to handle getting the baggage off the plane with walkie talkies that couldn't be heard by the baggage handlers, printers breaking down when trying to print boarding passes and minimal help from any supervisory personnel. I only say a supervisor come down one time to wonder what the problem was with the line at the counter and no real offer of help. After over three hours at the counter, we were re-booked but couldn't fly together so my daughter and her family were placed on a night flight through Miami and we were going to catch the original plane that now had the new part installed. My daughter and her family were given meal vouchers that couldn't be used the next morning on their layover in Miami, after flying all night with small children. We received a voucher for a hotel in Denver to catch our connecting flight the next day but when we arrived that evening, we were to we had to pay for our stay. Many from our original flight had a different color voucher and their stay was compensated. I think Estafania was so overwhelmed that she accidentally gave us the wrong color voucher as ours was blue and the other passengers had white vouchers. Plus, our luggage was supposedly waiting for us in Cleveland so we had to spend the night with no personal belongings. When we arrived in Cleveland, 36 hours after leaving Seattle, and picked up our baggage, the protective ribbing on the inside of my suitcase was totally destroyed and breaking off in pieces. We were given phone numbers to call for compensation when we arrived home and I attempted to do that yesterday twice. Each time, I waited more than 15 minutes with no estimation of actual time required to speak with an agent, so I have sent an email to customer service for their response. I will update with a review when that response is received. Bottom line is summer is a busy travel season and there is a summer every year. Frontier and all airlines should be prepared for the onset of extra passengers traveling and prepare accordingly so incidents like this don't happen again. Every passenger has a story for their travels and each passenger is important!
Frontier Failures
 The sexism and harassment was visceral and cruel by male agents. 


 They don't get anything right. 


 Cheaper isn't always better. 


 Traveling Frontier has been one of the worst experiences I have ever had. Rude, disrespectful and completely unhelpful. I would highly discourage traveling with them 


 "I detect an accent. Do you understand English?" - Frontier staff... This is clearly discrimination!!