Frontier, you are the WORST of the WORST!
    "We booked our flight through cheap o air from Orlando to Denver round trip and logged in at the right time. In the check-in, ""Jackie"", the rep was extremely rude and started ranting all because ONE of our baggages was 3 pounds over 50. The manager was not different and started giving us an attitude when she came because the employee who got her told her that WE were the ones yelling. To make matters worst, Jackie started going on about the situation when she overheard me talking to my father in Portuguese because my father is from Brazil but I am a US citizen. The lady started saying she was going to call the cops and that we had no rights in her country. We asked for the seats of my 2 and 4 year old kids to be seated next to us. The guy scaning the tickets said he would arrange but the guys inside the plane had no idea about it!!! When I thought everything was settled, I was asked by a steward to straighten my seat up, but I couldn't since the seat mechanism is BROKEN! I got another rudeness from them! THE EXTRA MONEY IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE PEACE OF MIND AND FRUSTRATION THEY HAVE PUT US THROUGH"
    Full Fright
    We booked our flight through cheap o air from Orlando to Denver round trip..our flight in was with united airlines and on the way back with frontier...united was great, but our bad experience with frontier started the day before the trip while dpojg an online check in.. we logged on right around 9am and the flight was pretty booked all seats assigned with only the option to purchase an extra 5 inches for 40 dollars. Tried calling their customer service and spent 30 minutes on hold and no one even came to the phone.. finally I hung up and figured we could resolve the situation when we got to the airport.. being that we have kids from ages 2 all the way yo 7.. when we got to the ticketing the representative named Jackie was extremely rude, we had to pay 20 dollars a bag to check in and 75 dollars for a bag being over 3 pounds above 50.. asked Jackie to cut us a slack because most of our other bags were right at 50 pounds.. she immediately started giving us an attitude ,talking about "have u ever worked in a ramp before, this heavy luggage hurts." So I said all the other bags way 50 pounds I don't think 3 extra pounds is going to kill anyone. At this time she started getting louder and calling us crazy she requested another employee to come check us in because she refused to do it. I asked to speak with a manager and she refused to get us one. So I asked a different employee and he just starred at me, again I asked another employee and then she went to get the manager. When the manager came, she automatically started giving us an attitude be cause the employee who went and got her said that we were the ones yelling.. I explained yp her the situation and he attitude changed. Meanwhile the first lady we spoke to, Jackie, was still going.on about the situation, she overheard my father and I talking, he is from Brazil and we speak portuguese, but I am a united states citizen.. the lady started saying she was going to call the cops and that we had no rights in her country..so we finally get our situation somewhat straightened and proceed to the security check.. when we get down there we realize she forgot to print out 2 of our boarding passes, so I returned back up to the counter to simply use the machine to print the tickets, when she saw me she started saying she was calling the cops how we had no righta in this country, so she went and got the other employee again. When the employee got there she asked me what was going on and I told her about the ticket issue and that I was just using the machine to print it. She laughed and apologized, asked if there was a line in security and offered to help getting through, so I told her we were fine and thanked her. When we got to the gate tried to speak with someone about making arrangements to put the kids with us and no one bothered to help, the guy scanning the tickets said that they would fix it in the plane.. when we got inside the plane no one had a clue what was going on. Only made arrangements for our 2 and 4 year old. While the older ones had to sit by themselves... so finally we are sittef and ready to *** and the Stewart asks me to put my seat upright. To no surprise the seat mechanism is broken and every time I lean back the seat reclines. So she then tells me I can lean back for ***, so the whole time I am having to sit forward with my head against the seat in front of me. If I even had a clue or searched reviews on this airline prior to booking my ticket I would have spent a little more money but saved my family the head ache and the harassment we went through today.. SO IF U ARE CONSIDERING TRAVELING ON UR VACATION, SPEND A LITTLE EXTRA AND FLY WITH A KNOWN REPUTABLE AIRLINE LIKE UNITED, AMERICAN, DELTA.. THE EXTRA MONEY IS DEFINITELY WORTH THE PEACE OF MIND AND FRUSTRATION THEY HAVE PUT US THROUGH.. 3fbafe
Frontier Failures


 But Frontier has LIED, telling AMEX we flew all four segments which is an absolute lie! 


 The worst airline I've flown. 


 ...we were short a stewardess for our flight and we had to wait for them to arrive from another city...Completely unacceptable. 


 "I detect an accent. Do you understand English?" - Frontier staff... This is clearly discrimination!!