Things do get to a point where quality trumps cost.
    There are a lot of things that makes me want to fly in another airline. Frontier doesn't honor reserved seats booked from a third party, they put us on opposite ends of the plane. Our luggage got to another destination because of the wrong tag. Everything had extra cost. And they don't have enough water for everyone.
    Full Fright
    I think this airline is the current winner in the race to the bottom of US airline carriers. We booked this flight as part of a round trip on Travelocity. The first leg was on another airline that we frequently use, and was great, as always. Had only flew Frontier once before. First surprise, reserved seats not honored, my wife and I were given middle seats at opposite ends of the aircraft. Told that they don't honor seat reservations from any third party. Can't get $20/apiece luggage tags on line. Go to the airport to check luggage. The person we talked to kept walking away. Finally, someone else came and checked our bag. Leaving the counter, checked the tickets, and discovered someone else's boarding passes for a different flight. Went back, and they promised to retag our bag for the correct flight. They didn't, but fortunately the wrong flight also went to the same city, so the bag only got to the same destination at a different time than we did. The flight was only 15 minutes late taking off. Discovered new policy, they charge for everything, including soft drinks. Apparently water in a cup is free, but they ran out before reaching my row and put the cart away, never got any, but my wife did because she insisted on it. None of these things is a deal breaker, but the pattern is of a disorganized, poorly run operation that feels that that they can squeeze every penny out of the operation and that people will fly it anyway, as long as their ticket price is a tiny bit less. However, one must wonder how they are cutting corners in aircraft maintenance to save additional pennies. That's more concerning than having to bring your own water on the flight. Things do get to a point where quality trumps cost. Next time we fly to Denver, we would happily pay $20 to $50 per ticket to fly on any other airline.
Frontier Failures
 Good Luck not with us and probably not with the millions of parents and families who has a VERY SPECIAL PERSON and yes they are SPECIAL because they don't see this world as cruel as you do. 


 They don't get anything right. 


 ...we were short a stewardess for our flight and we had to wait for them to arrive from another city...Completely unacceptable. 


 I have never had a more infuriating, more frustrating, or more demoralizing experience traveling in my life! 


 This airline is awful. They nickel and dime you, they are rude and unorganized. I will never fly this airline again...EVER