What kind of customer service do you offer???!!!
    My husband purchased a ticket from Frontier for our daughter to fly from Nashville, TN to Denver, CO to travel on May 24, 2014. Our daughter was in line to check her and baggage (fees already paid) 1 hour and 15 min prior to departure. But she still went through all the trouble and didn't get her baggage on time.
    Full Fright
    She was in no way the last person in line. There was ONLY one female employee for both baggage and person church in. When she got to the counter she was told that her luggage could not go on her flight as it was late. She was told to get on the plane and her luggage would go on the next flight. She is 19 and is going as a volunteer to work at Frontier Young Life Camp. She did as she was told and flew to Denver. After arriving at Denver she was told that her luggage was marked as NOT TO BE DELIVERED in Nashville and would not be arriving for another 4 hours. Her choices were to wait 4 hours and miss the bus transportation to camp or to have her bag fee already paid for, delivered to the camp for $150.00 cash upon delivery. She was told very rudely that Nashville had deemed her luggage late so they would not put it on her plane. She asked for any other options and was told that Nashville should not have put her on the plane. Frontier customer service only works Monday-Friday and certainly never on holiday weekends. She was by no means the last person to board and had waited 1 hour and 15 min in line. This can be verified by security camera footage. She went to the camp after withdrawing the $150.00 cash from ATM, got to camp and as of 1:00 am Sunday her baggage was still not delivered. I tried to converse with the baggage person in Denver who was the only person answering the phone. She told me too bad and not to call her number again - try to call complaint dept on Tuesday. My daughter is working for one month and is still waiting for her luggage. There are no answers from Frontier ever. No one I know will fly this airline ever. I have the message where the employee states “Too bad, don't call this number again - Nashville should not have let her on the flight” and I plan to play that message for all who would like to hear what customer service does not sound like.
Frontier Failures
 The sexism and harassment was visceral and cruel by male agents. 


 They don't get anything right. 


 Cheaper isn't always better. 


 ...we were short a stewardess for our flight and we had to wait for them to arrive from another city...Completely unacceptable. 


 This airline is awful. They nickel and dime you, they are rude and unorganized. I will never fly this airline again...EVER